Fun this Weekend! (March 17/18)

  Find some fun this weekend with a look back at 80’s culture, St. Patrick’s Day festivities, and an opportunity to “take the cannoli..”   Field Trip The Hirshhorn When’s the last time you went to the Hirshhorn?  There are two really exciting exhibits going on there right now… One is an “alternative history of

Fun this Weekend (March 10/11)

  Did this week go by fast for you too?  No?  Well, either way, the weekend’s almost here now, so let’s get ready for fun! PIE!!! Living the Pie Life There’s something about a giant neon sign that says “PIE” that sets my heart a-flutter.  Since  this place is right around the corner from my

Buying a 1950’s Home: Asbestos

When you buy a 1950’s home, there is a good chance that there either is or was some type of asbestos flooring or siding. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that had thousands of uses in home and industry in the post WW2 building boom.  Unfortunately, asbestos was linked to cancer and lung diseases in
“The Skater” detail

Fun this Weekend (March 3/4)

  Hey, great job making it through February!  Hibernation is over and it’s time to get out and about and enjoy all of the variety our area has to offer.  Consider stopping by…   Taylor Gourmet for Beef and Cheese on Bread When’s the last time you had a good Cheesesteak?  I didn’t know of

Fun this Weekend Roundup: November 2016

November 4/5 Do you ever arrive at the weekend without having anything fun planned?  Never fear! We have so many options around here, you can always find something new and different.  How about:   Try a New Restaurant… Copperwood Tavern This farm-to-table restaurant in Shirlington gets rave reviews. The brunch menu is extensive and looks

Shiny Floors in a Hurry!

  I met up with some professional home stagers recently, and they were waxing ecstatic about a product they frequently use to make wooden floors look great.  It’s called Holloway House Inc. Quick Shine Floor Cleaner.  I read the reviews online and it does seem to be a very popular product.  We had new oak

Cincinnati Chili

  I never heard of or tried Cincinnati-style chili until I moved to this area in 1996.  Remember the Hard Times Cafe in Old Town?  I was instantly smitten! This recipe is based on what may have actually been the very first recipe I ever downloaded from the internet.  It’s been a favorite since then,